Elwood J Blues

Elwood J Blues 

AKA Ricky Owen has been playing Elwood professionally for 18 years.  Talented self taught harmonica player.
Ricky started out as a dep for a few Blues Brothers Shows when the shows main Elwood was ill or could not do the gig for some reason.
Then he was taken on by Paul James from Blueprint Blues Brothers as a full time Elwood and for 10 years had great success and in 2017 the torch was passed to Ricky to carry on The Blueprint Blues Brothers show. 
Ricky has studied Dan Aykroyds performance as Elwood and has all of the dancing, harmonica and singing down, he even played in 4 of the top Blues Brothers shows one of them being Jake and Elwood and The Black Rhino Band stepping in for a few shows as Elwood.
Dan Aykroyd has even signed Ricky's Bluesmobile and had a harmonica jam with his son!!
Topping that he has played with the one and only Eddie Floyid and The Original Blues Brothers Band playing harmonica and dancing to Soul Man.
This guy knows his craft and loves to see audiences having a good time. 

Joliet Jake Blues 

AKA Col' has been performing as a semi professional singer for 12 years.  Col has a truly powerful rock/blues voice and has been in numerous bands, screeming out 50s rock n roll thorugh to 00's indie, with some 80's rock inbetween. 


After performing a one off Blues set in 2013 he was inspired to join a Blues Brothers Tribute Band.  


Formally a copper in his professional life, he finally 'Saw the light' and turned to the dark side, finally sticking it to the man by cartwheeling and flipping his way  to being one of the best Jake's in the land. 

Warning!!  Watch out for his big Whip!!! 

Joliet Jake Blues